3D Bone Reconstruction

Advanced Bone Grafting

Modern technology has advanced the field of dentistry to great new heights, allowing patients to receive cutting edge dental care faster and more conveniently than ever before. For many patients who have been told that they cannot receive dental implants due to bone loss, the Cone Beam CT Scanner (CBCT) for 3D bone reconstruction now allows these patients to restore their smiles permanently with dental implants.

 What is 3D bone reconstruction?

In cases where a person’s bone is not strong enough to support dental implants, bone reconstruction may be required. Bone reconstruction involves advanced bone grafting to reconstruct deteriorated areas of the bone and stop the progression of bone loss. A graft of bone material – either obtained from your own bone tissue, a human donor, an animal or from synthetic materials – is used to patch up areas of bone that have deteriorated, in turn stimulating natural bone tissue growth.

To aid in the 3D bone reconstruction procedure, we use a high-tech CBCT scanner to map out the bone structure and density beneath the gum line. This advanced imagery allows us to reconstruct bone precisely in areas that need it most, as well as accurately place dental implants into your jaw. Here are some of the many benefits of 3D bone reconstruction for dental implants:

Pinpoint Problems Quicker and More Accurately

Thanks to advanced 3D imaging technology, specific dental problems are identified much earlier and can be seen with greater detail than ever before. By analyzing your teeth, gums and jawbone in 3D, we get more visibility into problem areas in your mouth where we can identify narrow or deteriorated areas of your bone. Using advanced CBCT technology, we are able to thoroughly map out your bone reconstruction and dental implant treatment plans more accurately and precisely than ever before.

Improved Patient Safety

Mapping out a strategic dental plan that is customized for each patient actually improves patient safety. Not only is everyone completely aware of every step in the dental treatment plan, but one’s exposure to radiation also decreases as a result.

Cost Effective

Taking advantage of the latest tools and technologies available, such as 3D bone reconstruction, actually saves the patient time and money. No longer will they have to deal with more complex and time-consuming procedures using outdated technologies. With the CBCT scanner, we are able to plan and implement your treatment quickly and effectively.

If you are seeking a safe, effective and cost-conscious solution to improving your oral health and appearance, contact us today to learn more about advanced technologies, such as 3D bone reconstruction, available at our office.