5 Reasons Patients Avoid Going to Dentist
What Do Flossing Your Teeth & Taking Out the Trash Have in Common?

60 Minutes Can Save Time, Money and Pain!


In a previous article, I mentioned five reasons why people avoid going to the dentist. This week we will talk about Reason #4: They think that dental work will take too much time out of their busy schedule.

Most people have done it put off regular dental checkups and cleanings. Even if a tooth is bothering us or we notice that our gums are looking red or puffy or that our gums bleed when we floss, we just ignore it because we're too busy and it's no big deal, right? Unfortunately, it can cost a lot more than time if we allow dental care to get pushed to the bottom of our to do list.

Delaying routine dental checkups and cleanings and ignoring signs of tooth or gum problems may be common, but can also be expensive. A problem that could have been prevented with regular checkups and cleanings or a simple non-invasive treatment can turn into a painful and costly dental problem before you know it. For example, an untreated cavity that could have been treated with a small filling if caught early can turn into an expensive root canal and crown. Likewise, periodontal disease or an infected root canal, both of which likely could have been resolved with far less pain and expense if treated early, can turn into a lost tooth and costly bridge or implant.

If you have gum problems and don't notice improvement, despite seeing your dentist and paying extra attention to your dental hygiene routine at home, ask to be referred to a periodontist. Periodontists specialize in gum problems and offer many treatment options that can stop periodontal disease in its tracks. Your gums are the foundation for your teeth, so don't ignore them. Seek specialized care from a periodontist if your gum problems do not improve within a few months.

Seeing your dentist regularly, as well as anytime you notice changes in your teeth or gums, takes very little time maybe an hour every six months. You use your teeth every day to eat and to smile. Make them a priority by setting aside 60 minutes every six months to see your dentist and have your teeth cleaned. You will be rewarded with a healthier mouth and body and you will drastically reduce your chances of having to deal with more time-consuming, painful, and expensive dental and periodontal problems in the future.

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Al Manesh, D.M.D.




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