Taking the fear out of dentistry for good.

In a state-of-the-art dental office, patients have nothing to fear and everything to gain. As modernization continues to transform all industries, there is no doubt that advancements in technology are helping us practice better dentistry. Non-invasive treatment methods are minimizing the trauma of surgery and can sometimes be used in place of surgery. Patients are experiencing increased comfort and shorter healing and recovery times. And most importantly, they are walking away with beautiful smiles, the ability to enjoy food again, and a restored sense of self.

From lasers and 3-D scanners to bone regeneration materials and all-ceramic dental implants, dental professionals who invest in these technologies understand that the benefits are immense both for doctor and patient. That is why Dr. Al Manesh is dedicated to lifelong education and stays at the top of his profession by mastering evolving technologies and proven techniques. Mission Dental Implant Center is a state-of-the art facility, and we are proud to offer our patients the best possible care in periodontal and dental implant treatment.

The superiority of laser therapy is unparalleled when compared to traditional treatment methods, often eliminating the need for surgery. Lasers easily remove tooth enamel decay, bone, and gum tissue with great precision while leaving the surrounding areas unaffected. This preserves more of the tooth structure and helps to maintain your natural teeth longer.

WaterLase iPlus
Most periodontal lasers cut tissue using heat. But the WaterLase iPlus cool cutting method combines laser energy and a spray of water to cut soft tissue and bone without heat, so patients experience less swelling and post-operative sensitivity. WaterLase iPlus laser energy penetrates into tissues to seal blood vessels as it cuts. As soft-tissue is comprised mostly of water, the iPlus laser energy is absorbed immediately in the process of cutting without raising the temperature of the tissue. Bone is also primarily made up of water and hydroxyapatite, so the iPlus cuts through bone without heat as well.

EPIC Diode Laser
While the WaterLase iPlus laser is used in medical and dental procedures, the EPIC Diode Laser was designed specifically for dentistry, and rarely requires local anesthesia. In brief, here is how EPIC works: Micropulses of laser energy are generated as fast as one-ten-millionths of a second. These shorter, more powerful pulses create additional time for tissue to relax, which increases patient comfort during certain procedures, such as pain therapy. This lower-level laser is also ideal for procedures that require less power or heat, such as teeth whitening.

For more information about these lasers, visit biolase.com.

Digital Imaging

With digital imaging, the level of accuracy in diagnoses and treatment planning has reached unprecedented levels. The 3-D capabilities of a scanner make it possible to see your exact dental anatomy so we can create a treatment plan completely customized for your individual needs.

If you are a patient who has been referred for CT scan imaging, or if you are a dentist looking to refer your patients, Dr. Manesh and his staff offer exceptional digital imaging services. We use an iS Cone Beam 3-D scanner (Imaging Sciences International, Inc.) for extremely accurate results every time. Computer tomography (CT) scan imaging is an invaluable part of any state-of-the-art dental office. What makes CT Scan imagery imperative for our dental services is that it replaces traditional methods of using plaster to create an impression of your teeth. This traditional method of creating a model is uncomfortable and time-consuming. The CT Scan allows us to create an accurate model in a fraction of the time without the usual discomfort.

For more information visit i-cat.com.

All-Ceramic Zirconia Dental Implants

At Mission Dental Implant Center, we recommend all-ceramic zirconia implants to our patients because they are most like our natural teeth in function and aesthetics. The ceramic zirconia material is metal-free, highly biocompatible, and will not corrode. It is completely non-reactive and non-allergenic and does not invite the inflammation that you often see around titanium implants, which can sometimes lead to bone loss. They do not fracture easily, adding to the lifespan of your restoration. From an aesthetic standpoint ceramic implants are white and have the natural translucency of real teeth, so the shadow that appears with titanium implants at the gum line is a non-issue. All-ceramic dental implants are the optimal choice because of their natural bactericidal properties. Comparatively, dental implants comprised of a titanium post and abutment components with a ceramic crown often have inflammation at the point where the two different materials meet.

CeraRoot dental implants, our preferred dental implant system, offer a natural and aesthetic approach to implant dentistry. They are particularly ideal for patients with aesthetically demanding cases, for people whom holistic dentistry is important, and for those who have allergies to metals.

For more information, visit ceraroot.com.

Growth Factors

Advancements in platelet rich plasma, or growth factors, are revolutionizing bone regeneration techniques for periodontal and dental implant treatment. Accelerated healing of bone and soft-tissue, increased amount and quality of bone growth, and minimized postoperative swelling and discomfort are just a few of the extraordinary benefits to patients.

Healthy, intact gums and bone support are critical to enjoying long-term dental health throughout your life. When periodontal patients or dental implant patients require bone regeneration treatment prior to surgery, GEM 21S Growth-Factor Enhanced Matrix is often used at Mission Dental Implant Center. This safe, effective material is designed to enhance your body is natural ability to heal, and to restore your gums and the underlying bone tissue that may have been lost as a result of periodontal disease.

After we place this material in the area around the tooth where bone and other supporting structures have been lost, GEM 21S immediately begins signaling your body to actively begin to heal and regenerate healthy bone and tissue. Growth-factor material acts like a magnet, attracting the cells your body requires to regenerate bone and surrounding tissues, causing them to multiply in number. This increase in cellular activity promotes faster healing. Over time, the material is replaced with your own bone and other normal anatomic structures. While gums can heal in one to two weeks, it may take several months for bone to mature into its final dense structure before you are ready for further treatment. The GEM 21S Growth-Factor Enhanced Matrix promotes faster healing and tissue regeneration than other therapies, but patience is important as proper healing requires time.

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