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Are You Looking for a Holistic-Friendly Dentist?

Are You Looking for a Holistic-Friendly Dentist?

I am often asked if I am a holistic dentist. There are a variety of definitions for this term so I usually describe myself as a holistic-friendly dentist. I do not claim to be an expert on all of the physical and emotional connections related to dental treatment; however, I do understand that when it comes to dental materials and the best treatment, no two patients are the same.

As a holistic-friendly dentist who specializes in periodontics and dental implants, I am definitely concerned about how dental treatment (and the lack of dental and gum treatment) affects each of my patients. I am always open to discussing a patient's concerns and finding a solution that they are comfortable with. Here are some examples:

  • Since most of my patients want to avoid metal titanium implants, I use non-metal ceramic zirconia implants
  • If patients prefer to avoid the use of human or animal bone grafting materials, I can suggest alternatives.
  • Patients who want to avoid narcotic drugs for pain management or who want to avoid taking antibiotics can discuss their concerns with me and we can evaluate their options.
  • One of the options that I highly recommend for all patients is the use of growth factors (PRGF). These growth factors are contained in the patient's own blood and speed the healing process and prevent infection. When growth factors are used during an extraction or implant surgery, patients often have no need for antibiotics or pain medication.

These are only a few examples of the concerns that many holistic-minded patients have and for which I can offer holistic-friendly solutions.

I recognize that every patient is different, and my goal is to work with my patients to ensure that their dental treatment experience is as safe and comfortable as possible for them. The mouth and the rest of the body are definitely connected so it makes sense to evaluate each patient individually to determine what will be best for them and their long-term health.

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