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Cost of Full Mouth Dental Restorations

Quality, not cost, should be the biggest consideration

Full mouth dental restorations (also called full mouth dental rehabilitation or full mouth dental reconstruction) is the process of restoring teeth in both the upper and lower jaws for better oral health and aesthetic quality. These comprehensive dental procedures require a lot of time and planning to implement effectively and should only be done in the hands of a highly qualified expert. Your dentists experience can have a major impact on the success or failure of your dental restoration, and having shoddy work done can cost your twice as much to fix down the road. When considering a full mouth restoration, quality, not cost, should be the biggest consideration to achieve the greatest value out of your new smile.

Mission Dental Implant Center is committed to providing patients with lasting, quality care when it comes to full mouth dental restorations. Our treatment plans are customized to meet each patients distinct needs, and we emphasize enduring value when it comes to the restoration of ones smile. Our team of dental professionals are experts in their field when it comes to full mouth reconstruction using a variety of techniques, technologies, and vast knowledge and skill.

The Longstanding Value of Full Mouth Dental Restorations

Some dental professionals lure patients in with promises of deeply discounted services. The problem with these treatments is that they use cheap materials that ultimately do more harm than good. Crowns, bridges, veneers, and other materials that chip, break, or otherwise fail to address a patients dental problems ultimately cost more as replacements and further treatments are required to correct the issues.

At Mission Dental Implant Center, we use only the highest quality materials and methods for full mouth restorations. Our expert team puts years of knowledge and experience to work for you, crafting solutions that fit your dental needs and budget. Some of the lifelong benefits you will enjoy from your full mouth restoration include:

  • Durability: Our materials are built to last. When we perform full mouth restorations, we do it correctly and carefully. We follow up you at every stage to ensure your comfort, happiness, and health.
  • Reliability: Our team uses proven methods for solid results. We also stay on top of the latest techniques and technologies available to better serve our patients.
  • Improved Function and Health: Full mouth dental restorations are used to treat a number of dental problems including damaged or missing teeth, chronic pain in the jaw, mouth, or face, misaligned bite, headaches, and more.
  • Natural Appearance: Full mouth dental restorations not only restore function and health to your mouth, but also give you a natural-looking, beautiful smile to last a lifetime.

Our high quality dental restorations don't break the bank. We customize our dental plans to fit your needs and budget, and we also offer a number of convenient payment options to make your treatment affordable. Contact us today for your initial consultation and to get a custom quote for your full mouth dental restoration.

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