Periodontal Cosmetic Surgery

Correcting Gummy Smiles

Many people suffer from a dental condition commonly known as a “gummy smile”. A gummy smile is a dental abnormality in which the ratio of gums to teeth is visibly disproportionate. Gummy smiles can be hereditary, or they can be caused by environmental factors, such as the intake of certain medications or as a result of gum disease.

Gummy smiles are characterized by an excess of gum tissue above the upper teeth, which can cause teeth to erupt abnormally and appear smaller than their actual length. This condition may also cause inflammation in your upper lip, causing it to rise higher than normal. Often, there is no medically necessary reason to correct gummy smiles; however, many people choose to do so for esthetic reasons to improve the look of their smiles.

Thankfully, gummy smiles – also known as excessive gingival display — can easily be corrected through simple periodontal plastic surgery procedures. Here are several different procedures available to treat gummy smiles:

Crown lengthening:

Crown lengthening procedures are cosmetic dental surgeries that involve the removal and re-shaping of one’s gums in order to expose a greater amount of natural tooth structure.

Gum grafting:

Gum grafting procedures are often used to re-cover an exposed tooth root, which makes a person’s teeth appear elongated. Gum grafts are sourced from surrounding gum tissue or connective tissues at the roof of your mouth, then stitched into place at the site of the tooth root exposure and left to heal.

Gingivoplasty and gingivectomy:

Gingivoplasty and gingivectomy treatments are surgical dental solutions that are used to correct the overgrowth of gum tissue. A gingivectomy is the removal of gum tissue, while a gingivoplasty involves the reshaping of healthy gum tissue surrounding one’s teeth.

No matter what extent of excessive gum tissue shows in your smile, our professional dental staff is happy to help evaluate your dental situation to see what options are available to you. If you are interested in periodontal cosmetic surgery correction to fix your gummy smile, contact our office to schedule an initial consultation with us today.