The Importance of Maintaining Oral Health

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Prioritizing your dental hygiene is a must not just for keeping your mouth in good shape but also to ensure that the rest of your body isn’t put in harm’s way. Poor dental hygiene can have a drastic effect on your overall health, which may result in several health complications in the long run.

That’s why following the major oral health tips–brushing twice a day, using floss and mouthwash, regular visits to the dental hygienist, etc.–can be of great value to you.

Here’s a list of conditions you can avoid by maintaining your oral health.

1. Cardiovascular Disease

Your mouth carries a lot of bacteria, not all of which are healthy for your body. That’s why dentists recommend brushing twice daily, which keeps bad bacteria from spreading and creating complications. Some of these bad bacteria can be linked to cardiovascular diseases such as strokes and constrained arteries or vessels, as they might cause an infection or lead to inflammation.

2. Diabetes

Another reason for adhering to oral health tips is to avoid exacerbating symptoms of diabetes. Almost 1 in 10 people across America have been diagnosed with diabetes, a condition in which your gums are quite vulnerable to infection. This is primarily due to the lowered immune response patients with diabetes have. So, it’s best if you keep flossing and using mouthwash regularly to avoid inflammation, bleeding, and weakening of the gums.

If you notice your gums bleeding or inflamed, we recommend contacting an emergency dental care provider.

3. Endocarditis

Bacterial infections from your mouth can also lead to endocarditis, a condition in which your heart’s lining might be inflamed due to bacteria nestling in your heart’s valves and chambers. This is a serious condition that, if left untreated, can be fatal.

In this condition, the bacteria from your mouth can travel to your heart and start to grow in its chambers while also producing harmful chemicals that eat away at the valves, leaving holes behind. Patients with this condition need immediate diagnosis and antibiotic treatment.

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4. Pregnancy And Birth

Pregnancy is yet another condition in which following oral health tips is of utmost importance. Because the body goes through significant hormonal changes during pregnancy, this also impacts an expecting mother’s oral health and hygiene.

Research has linked poor oral hygiene with several complications for the mother and child, ranging from pre-eclampsia, low birth weight of the baby, pregnancy granuloma, pregnancy tumors, and a few others. Moreover, pregnant women are much more likely to experience oral health complications, as almost 40% of the sample size reported gingivitis and increased rates of tooth decay.

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5. Pneumonia

Your oral cavity can also endanger your lungs if it isn’t clean. Some research has suggested links between poor oral hygiene to respiratory diseases such as pneumonia. Bacteria from your mouth can move down your respiratory tract and into your lungs, even while you’re sleeping.

These can attach themselves to the lung nodules, making it harder to breathe and eventually getting worse if no treatment is administered. This is one good reason to brush your teeth every day before bed.

Follow These Oral Health Tips

To prevent infections as well as dental decay, here are some oral health tips you should be following:

  • Brush your teethat least twice a day, ideally once in the morning and once before bed
  • Floss regularlyto remove debris from between your teeth,
  • Use a mouthwashto rid your mouth of any debris left behind from brushing and flossing
  • Keep an eye out for any cavitiesor gum inflammation,
  • Visit the dentistevery few months to get a proper cleaning done,
  • Discuss your oralhealth with your dentist and follow their advice.

By following oral health tips that your dental hygienist has recommended, you can maintain your oral health to avoid catching these diseases.

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