10 Signs Your Teeth Are Damaged

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Oral health is of utmost importance to each one of us. Prolonged toothache, painful gums, or losing our teeth andthe ability to chew food is surely one of the worst things that can happen to anyone.

Fortunately, tooth loss is quite a delayed stage of damaged teeth. In most cases, timely visiting a dentist and seeking appropriate dental treatment for damaged teeth can help you prevent permanent tooth loss.

But how to know that your teeth are damaged? In most cases, patients complain that they found out about serious periodontal disease too late and thus couldn’t get help earlier.

To settle the issue once and for all, we have compiled a list of ten signs that start to appear when your teeth are damaged or getting there. Take these signs seriously and immediately consult a dentist in Mission Viejo for timely treatment.

But first, let’s find out why teeth get damaged.

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Why Do Teeth Get Damaged?

Teeth can get damaged due to numerous factors, including but not limited to poor oral hygiene, genetic predispositions, geriatric factors, illnesses such as diabetes, and lifestyle factors such as smoking. In most cases, damaged teeth and the periodontal conditions responsible for the damage can be fixed with a diverse range of dental treatments.

Ten Signs That Your Teeth Are Damaged

Here are the tell-tale signs showcasing that a person’s teeth are damaged.

Discomfort or Pain in Your Teeth

One of the first and most noticeable signs of damaged teeth is constant or periodic tooth pain and discomfort. So whether you have a prolonged episode of toothache or an occasional bout at night, it’s time you consider visiting a dentist. While it’s true that over-the-counter painkillers will help you manage this pain, your teeth will continue to worsen over time.

Heightened Sensitivity

Feeling the hot tea or cold drink on your teeth and gum a little too much? This increased sensitivity to temperatures and textures is a sign of damaged teeth. Sometimes, gums can also show a heightened sense of sensitivity. If you’re feeling more sensitive than usual, it’s time to call the dental clinic.


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Swelling in Gums

If you have been noticing that your gums are swollen, receding, or becoming excessive, you must take this sign seriously. Gum-related changes are also common signs of damaged teeth and can be fixed quickly with an experienced dentist.

Bleeding or Pus Around Gums

This is one of the signs of an advanced stage of tooth damage. If your gums start to bleed or you find an abscess in your periodontal pockets, you don’t have time to contemplate going to a dentist. At this stage, you must be with an emergency dentist.

Discoloration or Spots

Another one of the signs of advanced tooth damage is discoloration and the appearance of spots. If your teeth are turning yellowish or you find a black, brown, or grey spot that doesn’t budge, it’s a sign of damaged teeth.

Pressure on the Teeth

Family dentistry experts also recommend patients visit them if they feel pressure while eating or chewing food. Naturally, healthy teeth must not feel the need to use excessive force while biting food. But if your bite is weak or you’re feeling added pressure on your teeth, it’s another sign of damaged teeth.

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Cavity Build Up

Eventually, when teeth are too damaged due to any periodontal condition, cavity starts to appear in the roots of your teeth. Most periodontists in Mission Viejo suggest root canals or dental filling to treat cavities, but you should consult your dentist to know the best course of action.

Wiggly Tooth

Damaged teeth eventually end up in permanent tooth loss. You may feel that your teeth are mobile and wiggly, which is a dangerous sign you must not ignore. If you find your teeth to be mobile, it’s time to immediately consult a dentist.

Bad Breath

You may think your bad breath is due to improper brushing or poor eating habits. But the truth is that damaged teeth can also cause your mouth to smell bad. So make sure you’re not ignoring this sign of some underlying oral health problem.

Weird Taste in the Mouth

If you have a weird, metallic taste in your mouth, it can also be due to damaged teeth. Therefore, immediately visit your family dental clinic in Mission Viejo and begin treatment.

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How to Prevent Teeth Damage

Here are some ways to prevent the onset of damaged teeth and improve your oral health:

  1. Maintain good oral hygiene.
  2. Avoid sugary and starchy foods.
  3. Quit smokingand tobacco.
  4. Take some time away from alcohol.
  5. Don’t skip your dental checkups!

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