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The Benefits of Holistic Dentistry

Holistic dentistry is a type of dental treatment that is focused on caring for the health and safety of a patient from a conventional medical standpoint, as well as from an alternative healthcare perspective. Some of the ways we achieve this at the Mission Dental Implant Center is by making every effort to source biocompatible materials for dental implants, crowns and other dental restorations to reduce toxicity, as well as factor in one is overall health when considering ones dental treatment options. Holistic dentistry is a dental philosophy that is focused on improving the health of the whole individual, not just his or her dental health.

There are many connections when it comes to one is oral and overall health. Studies have shown that diabetes, pregnancy and heart health can affect the health of one is teeth and gums and vice versa. A holistic dentist informs and educates patients about the importance of their overall health and wellbeing, and how proper dental care can play a significant role in that effort.

There are a number of things that distinguish a holistic dental practice from a traditional one. Here are a few ways in which we practice holistic dentistry for the benefit of our patients:

We source high quality, biocompatible materials:

Traditional dental practices primarily use mercury amalgam fillings for dental crowns and other restorations. We make it a priority to source the highest quality, biocompatible materials are including zirconium dental implants and dental crowns for patients with metal allergies is for our patients, giving them a number of options when it comes to improving their oral and overall health.

We avoid toxic chemicals

: Certain chemicals used by some other dental practices may be toxic and lead to health problems, such as heart disease and breast cancer, down the road. We avoid any chemicals that may pose a threat to one is oral or overall health.

We consider your overall health:

During your very first consultation with us, we will go over your medical history so we are informed about any risk factors, material allergies, or medical treatments that are not right for you. We consider all of these factors in order to identify the best comprehensive dental treatment plan for you.

We treat the underlying problems:

We do not just clean your gums and teeth, we treat the underlying problems to eliminate and prevent problems in your oral and overall health.

If you are seeking a holistic dentistry practice that aligns with your philosophy, contact the Mission Dental Implant Center to learn more.

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