Dental Bone Graft

When the jawbone has been lost, a dental bone graft is required. This operation is frequently carried out before dental implants are inserted or when nearby teeth are suffering from bone loss.

After a serious fracture or when bones don’t mend properly, bone grafting helps to rebuild the bones. Additionally, grafting joins two nearby bones to reduce ongoing discomfort. There are numerous options for this treatment, including artificial bone transplants, autografts, and allografts.

Once the bone graft is in place, it creates room for your body to perform the necessary repair job. In other words, a dental bone graft acts as a scaffold for the growth and regeneration of your bone tissue.

You can visit Mission Implant Center if you’re looking for Dental bone Grafting.

Who needs a dental bone graft?

A dental bone graft is frequently required by someone who has lost a jawbone. This process might be suggested at Missions Implant Center if you:

  • Are getting a tooth extracted.
  • Plan to use a dental implant to replace a missing tooth
  • Need to rebuild the jaw before getting dentures.
  • Have patches of bone loss as a result of gum disease (periodontitis).
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What are the advantages of dental bone grafts?

Your eligibility for dental implants and other restorative procedures may be improved by dental bone grafts. With this process, you can get your jaw back to how it was before any injuries, tooth loss, or periodontal disease.
Mission Implant Center
Mission Implant Center

What happens before dental bone graft placement?

An oral examination will be done in our office to look at the condition of your teeth, gums, and jaw. The degree of your bone loss will be determined by dental X-rays or scans. We will then go over your treatment options with you and design a personalized treatment strategy to suit your requirements.

What happens during dental bone graft surgery?

Dr. Al Manesh will first use a local anesthetic to numb the region. We will next make a little incision in your gums. The jawbone can be seen by pushing back the gum tissue a little. Your dentist will add bone grafting material to the area after cleaning and sanitizing it to fix the deformity. A membrane is frequently placed over the bone transplant to provide further protection. The gum tissue is finally realigned, and the incision is stitched up.

Mission Implant Center
Mission Implant Center

How painful is a dental bone graft?

Dental bone graft patients typically experience minimal to no pain. Just be sure to take all prescription medications as directed and closely stick to your post-operative instructions.

How long does it take to recover from a dental bone graft?

Though you will probably feel back to normal within a week or two, complete dental bone graft healing can take between three and nine months – sometimes longer. Recovery times depend on several factors, including the type of graft, the area in which the graft was placed, and your body’s healing capacity.
Mission Implant Center
Mission Implant Center

Can dental bone grafts fail?

The success rates of dental bone grafts are amazingly high. Failure is possible with any operation, though, especially for those who smoke or have specific medical issues.

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