Non-metal dental implants in Laguna Niguel

Non-metal dental implants in Laguna Niguel

Your lost teeth can be replaced by dental implants, dentures or bridges. Of the three, you believe that implants are your best option. People tell you these last longer and require less maintenance. You are inclined to try them out, but you have reservations. Foremost, you are concerned about where dental implants are made from.

You have every right to be wary of anything unnatural placed in your body. Until recently, dental implants were made from titanium alloy. These are deemed safe by many experts. However, you worry that you might be allergic to metals and other materials. Dentists in Laguna Niguel recognize your concerns. They will not just recommend titanium implants when there are alternatives out there.

Implants and their Benefits

Implants and their Benefits

Dental implants are fixtures which are surgically placed under your gums so replacement teeth like crowns can be attached. Implants act as root replacements. These provide several benefits which include the following:

  • When you lose teeth, your bones might wither. If you opt for removable dentures, you need your jawbones intact. An implant prevents bone loss from happening. It also serves as a foundation for a future replacement tooth.
  • Implants can be attached right after tooth extractions as long as dentist recommends it. Installing implants involves minor surgery. It doesn’t add any inconvenience after a tooth is extracted.
  • Unlike bridges, there is no need to work on adjacent teeth when placing implants. Your healthy teeth are not affected in any way.
  • Implants are sturdier than bridges and dentures. You don’t have to avoid any food because you worry your implants might be damaged.
  • With dental implants, you speak with more confidence without any fear these might detach or slip.

What are Zirconia Dental Implants?

What are Zirconia Dental Implants

Traditionally titanium implants have been a common choice for patients, however, zirconia implants have grown in popularity due to their comfort, non-metallic composition and durability. Zirconia is an oxidised powder of pure Zircon metal. Zirconia dental implants are non-metal dental implants, durable, long-lasting dental implants that restore your smile with the most natural results. Zirconia implants are ceramic dental implants that are a permanent solution to replace missing or damaged teeth.


A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that becomes securely embedded in the surrounding bone. After the time required for healing, the implant is provided with an abutment onto which the actual crown or bridge is placed. Zeramex can be used even when more than one tooth is missing.
This system allows teeth to be restored both functionally and aesthetically which means chewing without worry and a great smile! Ceramic implants offer a stable base for dentures and help prevent bone loss. In addition, the natural white hue of ceramics is an excellent basis for aesthetically pleasing results. This prevents the risk of visible grey metallic edges or a dark implant core that shows through.

Who is a candidate for non metal dental implants?

Who is a candidate for non metal dental implants

Not everyone is a proper candidate for non metal dental implants in Laguna Niguel. Patients must schedule a consultation visit and initial evaluation with their dentist to determine if they can benefit from this restorative procedure. If patients are not appropriate candidates, they can speak to the dentist about alternate options that can be used to repair their smile and restore functionality and health. Reasons why someone may not be a candidate for an implant is insufficient bone, unhealthy bone, or active gum disease.

benefits of non-metal dental implants in Laguna Niguel

benefits of non-metal dental implants in Laguna Niguel

Non metal dental implants in Laguna Niguel still offer the same benefits of traditional dental implants in terms of stability and comfort. Zirconia implants come with many positive features, particularly when comparing them to dentures and bridges. Dentures and bridges are not a permanent solution and they look and feel less natural. As dentures are removable, often they can shift and cause chewing difficulties which can result in embarrassing situations.

Biocompatibility & integration

Zirconia has been classified as a completely biocompatible and bio-inert material which has been proven scientifically to generate a very successful union or osseointegration between the implant and the bone.

Allergies & sensitivities

It is now coming to light that there are a large number of people with allergies, sensitivities and other complications including immune system disorders that can be attributed to metal intolerance. This contraindicates the use of metals in any therapies including dental implants for these unfortunate people, meaning many have been previously left with unsatisfactory solutions.


The long-term success is one of the most important aspects of all ceramic implants. Zirconia implants are designed and manufactured to be lightweight, incredibly strong, resist bending and to withstand chewing forces thus maintain long term strength. Each implant is specifically designed to biomimetically replace a tooth, in particular, recreate, as close as possible, the original biological anatomy, conserving measures in emergence, diameter and height.

Corrosion resistance

Zirconia is resistant to chemical corrosion as well as being a thermal and electrical insulator, thus by definition, it is a bio-inert material, meaning it will never trigger chemical reactions, migrate to distant sites or interfere with the health of adjacent tissues. Metal-Free implants will not interfere with the movement of energy through the meridian pathways making them ideal for those who adhere to holistic health principles and biocompatible medicine.


The absence of electrical conductivity of the zirconia ceramic makes it more difficult for bacteria to adhere to the implant surface and thus makes maintaining the hygiene of the prosthesis much simpler. This means it is easier to maintain a healthy gum line and decrease inflammation.


A common problem that arises with some titanium implants is an aesthetic one. Many patients have a thin or translucent gum biotype or are prone to gum recession and it is these people who may end up with grey gums or titanium showing around the gum margin. Since Zirconia implants are white in colour, there will be no greying of the gingival tissues or metal showing around the interface of the gum.

Is zirconia really metal free?

There is often some confusion amongst clinicians and patients regarding the difference between zirconium and zirconium dioxide (zirconia). Can you really call a zirconia implant “metal free” if it is derived from zirconium? Yes. ‘Zirconia’ is a ceramic material manufactured from zirconium dioxide. During the oxidation of zirconium, an irreversible chemical reaction occurs where electrons move from the zirconium to the oxygen molecules. As a result, ceramic zirconia has completely different material properties compared to the metal zirconium, including wear resistance, toughness and conductivity. This is why zirconia implants are described as ‘metal-free’.

Can both materials be used for a mouthful of replacement teeth?

Can both materials be used for a mouthful of replacement teeth

If a full arch or full set of teeth are to be replaced, Titanium implants are the better choice. Since Titanium implants are made in two pieces, a dentist has more freedom to make small alterations to the angle of the abutment. This means that the smile line look and bite alignment will feel more natural. Whereas, with single piece Zirconia implants, angles are much harder to customize as the abutment is stationary not allowing the dentist to customize the position.


Zirconium implants, however, have a few drawbacks compared to titanium implants:

  • Zirconium implants are one-piece, have anatomic limitations, and can develop microfractures when the implant is adjusted to prepare the implant for the crown.
  • Zirconium implants are usually not able to be placed under the gums due to the one-piece design.
  • Small diameter zirconium implants have a higher risk of fracture.
  • The crowns for zirconium implants must be cemented.

Alternatively, titanium implants afford the possibility of a cemented crown or a screw-retained crown. The screw-retained crown eliminates the risk of cement irritating the gums and bone.

Cost of non metal implant in Laguna Niguel

The cost to manufacture zirconia (think cubic zirconia jewelry) is higher than titanium so zirconia implants will cost patients more money. The implant costs include consultation, imaging, mapping, materials, surgery and after care check-ups.


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