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Don't Trade-Off Implant Cost At The Expense Of Quality, Experience

It is not easy to find a dentist who uses state of the art equipment and highest quality dental implants and not cheap replicas for dental implants. Patients also want to avail the services of a dentist who offers services at a reasonably competitive cost without undercutting the competition all the time thereby severely affecting the quality of implant procedure and material used.

While the latest dental implant technologies have made replacing a missing tooth or teeth convenient and affordable for most people, patients sometimes compromise on quality by choosing discounted or attractively packaged dental solutions. They fail to consider that the long-term success of their implant depends on many factors and that they should take into account a dentists record of quality of dental care, the clinic's equipment and material used, and skill with the latest dental procedures. And studies prove this connection.

Doctor's Experience Affects Implant Procedure's Success

Research studies indicate that experience is a critical and an important deciding factor when performing an implant especially with a sophisticated one like the Titanium Straumann. The skill and expertise of a doctor directly impacts an implants success or failure. A recent study at the Center for Implant Dentistry at Loma Linda University's School of Dentistry found that the incidence of implant failure was higher for inexperienced clinicians. In another study, Reasons for Failures of Oral Implants, the factor inexperienced surgeons inserting the implants, increased the chances of implant failure.

Patients significantly increase their chances for a successful procedure, including dental implant, if they chose a doctor, or a dentist, who has spent a considerable amount of time in perfecting dental work, is skilled in the latest techniques, uses the best material and equipment, and charges clients based on accomplishment in dentistry and not market dynamics.

Why Consider Titanium Implants

The use of Titanium in an implant has a long history and decades of supportive research based on the experience of thousands of users. As a material, it is widely used in dental, neurosurgical and orthopedic fields, and its efficacy and safety are well-documented. Today, Titanium dental implants are the most researched and preferred choice of implant material in dentistry.

While there are advantage and disadvantages to each type of material, patients must consult an experienced dentist to see which kind of implant is most suitable for their dental implant situation and not opt for less costly look-alikes.

Osseointegration and Soft Tissue Healing: Like some other implant materials, such as Zirconia, Titanium implant materials are  fuse well with the gums and the bone. Titanium implants frequently last for more than 20 years.

Comfortable Placement: Titanium implants have become a standard tooth replacement solution instead of dentures. Dentists find them easy to install as they offer ease of placement without complication provided the patient has good bone health and density.

Aesthetics: Some patients, while using titanium implants, express concern about developing a noticeable grey line along the tooth ridge or under the gums. But if patients have thin gum or bone tissue, the dental implant's abutment can be made of ceramic so that the grey metal does not show through.

Strength: Titanium implants are known for their incredible strength, resist fracture, and have high flexural properties, whereas, say a Zirconia implant, can develop microfractures.

Cost: In itself, a titanium implant costs a bit more than other implant material types, but that's where it ends as other costs, such as procedure and dental checks, etc., remain the same, and these are increasingly being partly covered by dental insurance companies.

In the category of titanium dental implants, the Straumann titanium implant is considered the best in the world.

Straumann: The Gold Standard Of Implants & You Can Have It

In the global dental implants industry, the Swiss-made Straumann implant is the gold standard. Straumann provides some of the most advanced dental surfaces and material in the world, and its implants reduce treatment time and make tooth replacement far less intrusive. It is also a leading restorative and regenerative dentistry solutions provider.

Patients who choose Straumann, receive a lifetime quality guarantee, and in cases of defect due to faulty material or stability, free replacement. But years of scientific, clinical testing and perfecting the materials and design makes the Straumann implant world-class with an impressive track record. Some of the reasons they are preferred are given below:

Highest Survival Rate: In long-term clinical studies, Straumann dental implants have proven to have a 98.8% survival rate. This 10-year survival rate, i.e. the implant still being secure in a patient's mouth, is one of the highest observed.

Variety of Styles, Material Choices: As per specific needs, many different material selections can be made by the dentist.

Many Uses of Straumann: Straumann implants can be used to various dental problems. From a fractured tooth, tooth decay, several or lone missing tooth to periodontal disease Straumann dental implants are the perfect solution. The implants are very useful in improving the stability of a denture or as a comprehensive tooth replacement solution.

Bone Loss Reduction: To prevent bone loss, a Straumann redirects chewing forces to the jaw bone, which allows preservation of bone and your facial structure. As compared to traditional bridges, a Straumann dental implant will not damage your adjacent teeth.

Global Acceptance & Excellence: More than 14 million Straumann dental implants have been bought by clinicians in more than 70 countries doubly vouched by Swiss quality and precision. Straumann implants are highly documented dental systems based on more than 30 years of scientific and clinical evidence; a claim very few companies can make.

Straumann offers many advanced implant surfaces. For example, the Straumann SLActive bonds faster with the bone, reduces healing time and increases the implant's predictability.

Then there is Straumann Roxolid, which is the first Titanium Zirconium alloy customized for dental implants and offers improved strength compared to Straumann's Titanium implants. This option is suitable for patients with limited bone or those who have narrow spaces between their teeth.

Irrespective of which titanium implant you chose, it requires the deft hand of a skilled dentist who can correctly diagnose your implant need and select the best titanium implant type.

The Perfect Solution: Titanium Dental Implants By An Experienced Dentist

At Mission Dental Implant Center, Dr. Al Manesh carries out dental implant procedures on a daily basis. Over the past 20 years, Dr. Manesh has placed over 8,000 dental implants a professional declaration very few dentists can make. Due to his wide experience, Dr. Manesh has an impressive 98% success rate.

Use of Technology For Better Dental Implants

Dr. Manesh stays abreast of the latest treatment and technology to offer and actualize the best outcomes for all his patients. In his dental office, he uses an i-CAT cone beam 3-D scanner so that all implant procedures are carried out safely and accurately. He also provides the use of PRGF growth factors to lessen pain and inflammation, increase tissue and bone regeneration, and accelerate healing. His clinic also offers bone graft options, including using the patient's bone or a synthetic bone substitute instead of animal or human bone.

Make Your Dental Implant Decision Count

All research studies prove that experience and no compromise on the quality of material and equipment used matters significantly when it comes to the success rate of dental implant procedures. So, when you are making up your mind for yourself or for someone you know, just the cost of treatment or material should not be the deciding factor. Why save money now and end up having your implant redone, or develop health problems caused by sub-par materials. An experienced practitioner will save you expense, time, stress, pain, and potential health-related issues due to use of non-biocompatible implants. Receive your implants placed the right way, the first time, by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Manesh today!

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