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Great Alternative to Traditional Implants

At The Mission Implant Center, we don’t want anyone to be prevented from getting the smile they deserve, which is why we offer a number of dental implant options, including holistic dental implants. If you are missing teeth or have damaged or displaced teeth, you may find it difficult to smile, eat and speak with full confidence and comfort. Holistic dental implants can be a great alternative to traditional implants that can help you restore your smile and self-esteem.

What are holistic dental implants?

Holistic dental implants are biocompatible dental posts or screws that are implanted directly into one’s gums, serving as the replacement for a missing tooth root. They work just like traditional implants, but they are comprised of a non-metal zirconium material instead of the standard titanium.

Choosing the right material for your implants is important for your own safety and satisfaction. While titanium has been the go-to dental implant material choice for years, the material may not be right for everyone. People with metal allergies or those who prefer a more esthetic alternative to titanium might prefer holistic dental implants over traditional ones.

What are the benefits of holistic dental implants?

Biocompatible: In patients who are sensitive to metal, non-metal zirconia dental implants may be the optimal choice to permanently restore their missing teeth.

Improved aesthetics: Patients who experience gum recession or have thin gum walls may also prefer zirconia implants, as they are comprised of a clear and more natural-looking material than dark grey titanium, which can show through the gum tissue walls at the base of the tooth.

Durable: Some people are concerned about having metal implanted into their bodies because of the possibility of corrosion or heat damage. Zirconium dental implants are resistant to wear, fracture or damage from heat or acid corrosion.

Smaller: Zirconium dental implants are smaller in size than conventional titanium implants, making them easier to place in patients with less bone density in their jaw.

At The Mission Implant Center, we are proud to offer our patients the highest quality materials and techniques to suit their distinct needs and lifestyle. Our expert on-site periodontist is an expert at placing all types of dental implants, traditional, holistic or otherwise. If you are missing teeth and want to learn more about the dental implant options available to you, contact our office to schedule an initial consultation with us to learn more.