6 Benefits of Cosmetic Crown Lengthening

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While it is used in both general and cosmetic dentistry, cosmetic crown lengthening is a common procedure that many dental service providers have adopted for its broad range of benefits.

If your dentist has recommended you get this procedure done, it’ll serve you well to know how this procedure can improve your oral health.

Learn what cosmetic crown lengthening entails and the six distinct benefits that it offers.

What Is Cosmetic Crown Lengthening?

This dental procedure involves adjusting your gum and tooth proportions in cases where they are uneven, which might cause discomfort or give you an uneven smile. Usually, this procedure is used when dentists want to remove excess gum tissue to reveal more of the crown underneath.

Your dentist might have recommended cosmetic crown lengthening to you for two reasons for the most part; either your gum tissue is infected and therefore needs removal, or you wanted a less gummy smile. In either instance, dentists in Mission Viejo conduct cosmetic crown lengthening using laser technologies for faster recovery.

Some Notable Benefits

When done properly, opting for the cosmetic crown lengthening procedure can be a good investment for oral health and hygiene. Here are some notable benefits of cosmetic crown lengthening.

1. Easy To Maintain

Some dental procedures often mandate patients to visit their dentist for adjustments afterward and might require regular check-ups to ensure everything is in place. But with cosmetic crown lengthening, you won’t need to do this extra effort as the procedure will take just one appointment unless your dentist identifies some other complication they’d like addressed

2. Allows Removal Of Damaged Gum Tissue

If your dentist identified damaged gum tissue that’s been infected, it’d be important for you to have it removed to prevent further damage to your teeth and gums. Your dental surgeon will prep you for the procedure and then carefully extract the damaged tissue from your gums. And with the right aftercare, your gums will heal to reveal a healthy gum line and improved oral health.

3. Helps Realign Your Smile

Many of you might have an uneven or gummy smile, which is completely normal and can be easily adjusted using cosmetic crown lengthening. By leveling out the gums to reveal more of your teeth, you’ll find your smile looking a lot more even and obvious than before the procedure.

An aligned smile also promotes oral health and hygiene, reducing potential discomfort caused by misaligned teeth.

4. Improves Self-Esteem

With a brand new smile that you’ll receive through cosmetic crown lengthening, it won’t be long before you start to enjoy yourself a lot more. Many people have shared with us that they felt more confident going on dates, meeting with their employers, and in many other scenarios after their dental procedure. So here’s another reason to consider getting your dental crowns lengthened.

5. Quick Installation

Unlike getting dental implants or veneers that may require multiple appointments with your dentist, the cosmetic crown lengthening procedure usually takes one meeting, taking no more than 60-75 minutes to complete the operation.

This quick installation is what makes crown lengthening such a desirable option among people in Mission Viejo, both old and young. Speak to a dentist first to determine if you can benefit from this procedure.

6. Uses Laser Technology

As technology has advanced, the dental field has also embraced these improvements, making administering some dental procedures significantly easier. One such improvement is heat-based and water-based lasers that make treating conditions like periodontal disease, loose teeth, and some others discomfort-free.

Lasers also allow dentists to target damaged tissue without removing healthy tissue, making procedures like cosmetic crown lengthening faster, easier to administer, and more effective.

Dental Services In Mission Viejo

Want to opt for top-quality cosmetic crown lengthening in Mission Viejo, CA? Then you’ve ended up on the right webpage. Our dentists are well-experienced in conducting this particular procedure and will give you local anesthesia to safely conduct this procedure. However, if you have dental anxiety, you can always request to be sedated before your operation begins.

In addition to our crown lengthening procedure, The Mission Dental Implant Center has been performing various dental procedures such as pinhole surgery, dental bone grafting, and many others using high-performance lasers.

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